You know you are a doula when…

  1. Your kids actually know where babies come from AND how they get out.
  2. Your kids know what a uterus is and where it is located.
  3. They know what a placenta is and what it does. (You have had a placenta in your house at some time in your life).
  4. You get a call and leaves the house in the middle of the night, just like batman and no one asks questions. Even the dogs don’t wake up anymore.
  5. Your kids know where you keep your doula bag and know that they can find snacks inside.
  6. They know how to use essential oils safely and can blend roller bottles for themselves.
  7. Your know what breasts are for and they know the benefits of breastfeeding.
  8. They notice all the pregnant women in store and ask if I will be there when the women have her baby.
  9. They are good massagers and practice on each other.
  10. They know that peppermint oil in a diffuser helps for nausea.

You know you are a doula when… You read this and smiled