• GUILT… Guilt is unproductive, but it is the thing that drives us moms insane. Making decisions based on not wanting to feel guilty will not make us happy.
  • Pleasing others.It’s impossible to please everyone. So, be real instead. People love that. Validate yourself instead of looking for it outside.
  • Saying yes to stuff you don’t want to do. The feeling of doing something that you said okay to do, but you really don’t want to do it is called resentment. Set those boundaries, practice saying no, and experience freedom.
  • Saying no to you. Taking care of and helping others is great. (Ask me, I’m a doula and I LOVE my job!) But my job would not be awesome if I made NO time for myself. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. Make yourself a priority again. Then, you will be able to help and serve others in ways that you could never have imagined. Do what YOU want to do for a change.
  • Clutter. Clutter is all the stuff that you thought you wanted, but you actually don’t need. Excess is distracting and stressful. Let it go and feel happier.
  • Being busy. All. The. Time. Being a badass is not doing #allthethings and being able to #slayallday – it’s making time to be present and having the ability to be flexible. Can we just be un-F-productive for 5-minutes? That’s living.
  •  Being a slave to our phones. We actually don’t need an app for everything that we do. Sure, they are convenient sometimes. But, when we depend on our phone for every, single thing that we do we are not only selling ourselves short, we are causing ourselves anxiety. Figuring out our way to the nearest Baby City/ Woolies foods on our own, or asking a stranger for the time, is actually good sometimes. So, delete some apps from your phone. Like, right now. I guarantee you will feel relief and a sense of happiness.
  •  Holding back from pursuing our dreams because of fear. (Here I’m preaching to myself!) It doesn’t actually matter if you achieve your dreams. But, pursuing them will make you feel alive and happy. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

I promise you LESS IS MORE!

Reduce or eliminate these eight things from your life, and you will feel happier.


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