As a doula and the owner of a digital advertising agency, I never really unplug- ever. And in all honesty I prefer it like that. When I am on my once a year vacation in December, I cart my laptop with so I don’t get to far behind on my emails. It is not weird over weekends for me to have a quick phone strategy with a client Unplugging is simply not an option. Sigh.

I’m not the only nut job working mom. We are everywhere. Today I met up with two friends at an expo and realized that. We are all stressed out. Stressed out with no way to turn it off. We think about our kids all the time when we at work and when we home we stress about work.

Until now. That’s right, my latest gazillion rand idea is going to solve this problem. For each and every mom. It will help us disconnect so we can finally recharge our batteries.

This idea was born out of a conversation I had today. I heard of a client going to hospital for 3 weeks. And after the initial sadness of shame, hope she is going to be okay, I was thinking- hell! Wish I could go there for 3 weeks. (Ok- minus the hip replacement surgery)

So my idea will be called the mom hospital. Yes, you read it right. You will be sent there to recharge your batteries, watch Netflix and series, and perhaps if you want to gain tools to help you simplify your life.

The place will be in a forest where you can meditate and there will be compulsory spa treatments.

Only one thing- all phones, laptops and tablets will be confiscated. No social media managing for clients, no website updates at night, no articles to write and no Google AdWords to set up or maintained.

Moms will probably have to spend 24-72 hours detoxing from not being able to know at all times what and how their families are doing without them. Once patients have demonstrated that they have all the mom anxiety cleansed from their system they’d be given their own lovely room and then the real work would begin. Moms would start each day with a yoga and meditation session to energize and center themselves. Following yoga would be an insanely delicious healthy breakfast that did not require a single mother to plan, make or clean up.

Afterwards they’d move into some group sessions during the day where they’d talk through topics such as: working-life balance is it a myth, stay-at-home moms are not the enemy, your children will fail and why you should let them, your value is not directly tied to the cleanliness of your home, moving past the guilt of working late, how to reconnect with your significant other over more than your children, and letting your children eat MacDonalds doesn’t make you a bad mom.

In the afternoon moms would have a choice of taking advantage of a spa service. Hair salon treatments, Facials, Mani’s and Pedi’s and Massages- sounds like heaven, right?

There will be a happy hour where you can sit and sip on a cocktail or a cup of hot tea and the appetizers will be delicious and nearly calorie free…

Prior to bedtime women can do such selfish things as take a bath, read a book, or watch their favorite TV shows uninterrupted.

A girl can dream, right?

But right now I need to finish a campaign schedule before the BIG MOVE tomorrow!


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