Postpartum doula care

There once was a village. Then there was just you and your partner. But today, more and more new moms are discovering a somewhere-in-between solution that involves hiring a care specialist for the baby (and new mom) to help out in the days and weeks following birth.

I provide physical, emotional and educational support to a woman and her family during the postpartum period. I am a trained professional who understands the individualized needs of modern families. I work with families in the postpartum period providing culturally appropriate emotional support to assist with the transitions of the postpartum period and having a new baby. I respect the parenting style of the family and provide opportunities for the mother and her partner to express their concerns, and I provide encouragement.

I provide physical support as the family recovers and grows more confident and comfortable in their new roles. My support is individualized to each family’s specific needs, but may include providing opportunities for rest, personal care, healing, childcare and family integration. I can also demonstrate newborn care, assist with breastfeeding and provide care to older children in the household.

Postpartum doula services

  • Postpartum massage (Using the AromaTouch technique)
  • Birth debrief
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Baby massage
  • Baby-led weaning/ baby food preparation and meal planning sessions
  • Baby stimulation class
  • Family integration
  • Meal planning and nutrition support
  • Aromatheraphy consultations for mom and baby (Certification number CTAA 1066281)