Pregnancy and Birth

A doula is someone trained to support a woman through labour. The goal of a doula is to help women and their families achieve the childbirth experiences they envision. According to WOMBS (a doula training organization) doulas are trained, experienced professionals who provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to mothers before, during, and after childbirth. Doulas view their role as nurturing and protecting a woman’s memory of the birth experience.

The word “doula” is of Greek origin, and the profession has a longstanding history. Before the field of obstetrics was established, it was common for a doula to provide continuous support to a woman during labour. That person also assisted the mother after delivery as she bonded with her baby and recovered from delivery.

After the advent of obstetrics, women began giving birth in hospitals. The support person was replaced by hospital nurses and sometimes family members. Many women now view childbirth not only as a medical event but also as a life experience.

Whichever way you choose to birth, I’m there with you every step of the way.

Natural Delivery Care:

Some data suggest that continuous labour support is beneficial to the mother and the baby. According to the World Health Organization, continuous delivery support can decrease the duration of labour, decrease the amount of pain medication used by the mother during delivery, lead to fewer operative births, and nurture a more satisfying birth experience.

Belly birth/ Caesarean Delivery Care

Here a doula will assist you to prepare emotionally for the surgery, assist you after surgery and help you with the skin to skin, establishing of the newborn microbiome and breastfeeding/ infant feeding support.


Pregnancy doula services:

• Birth planning session
• Private birth preparation class
• Private prenatal breastfeeding class
• Cloth diaper consultations
• Prenatal relaxing massage
• Essential Oil custom mixed roller bottles
• Rebozo sifting

Birth doula services:

• Natural birth doula (Home birth, birthing centre, hospital)
• Belly birth doula
• Adoption doula